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Data Collection

Because paper based evidence is not even half the story

Today, more than ever before, preservation, data collection, and forensic analysis are vitally important. You need to accurately and quickly identify all potentially relevant data from throughout your organization and preserve and collect it, regardless of its location and file type. 

Our team of data collection experts and computer forensics specialists comprised of personnel from investigative, legal process and technical backgrounds, use court-tested technology and methodologies to identify, preserve, collect, and process all relevant information, helping to ensure its admissibility into evidence. 

Our Data Collection Services include: 
 - Perform complete electronic investigations 
 - Collect and preserve computer-related evidence 
 - Provide expert witness testimony 
 - Examine virtually all types of electronic media 
 - Provide a full range of computer forensic activities

Sample title

A Typical Case

Our client is investigating a staff member suspected of colluding with our suppliers to defraud the company. Can you obtain copies of files, emails and other relevant documents off his computer and mobile phone to assist with the investigation.

Ausus Advisory, together with our strategic partner, Chorus Consulting LLC, can arrange collection of all relevant data off company servers, personal computers and mobile devices. Exact copies are obtained which are then used in our analysis to support the investigation. Collection can be done either locally, or remotely, with the method of collection depending on the situation and client preference. Data, once captured, can be hosted on our cloud-based systems to allow additional parties to access it as required in preparing the legal case. Our analysis can be presented as expert testimony.